Bluetooth Stack for Windows by TOSHIBA

Bluetooth Stack for Windows by TOSHIBA



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This program has been reported to be unavailable on a regular basis.
This implies that we are unable to provide universally applicable download links, relevant version information.
Bluetooth software and drivers suitable for all TOSHIBA Bluetooth notebooks

Supported Hardware:
Toshiba Bluetooth PC Card (PA3053U-1PCC) ###)
(It should work, but offically not supported anymore. So a backup
of the current used Bluetooth Stack is recommended in case of any
Bluetooth controller integrated in Toshiba Notebook PC as follows:
Right-click the blue "Bluetooth Manager" icon of the system tray
nearby the clock
Select "Device Properties..." -> "General" or
select "Options..."->"General"->"Details..."
It depends on the used Bluetooth stack version.
Check which "LMP SubVersion:" is displayed and compare it
with the following list:
0514 = "internal Bluetooth SiW" ###)
0175 = "internal Bluetooth CSR (14.7)"
020D = "internal Bluetooth CSR (16.4)"
0490 = "internal Bluetooth CSR (18.1) v1.2"
077B = "internal Bluetooth CSR (19.2) v2.0 + EDR"

###) HID devices {mice, keyboards other input devices}
and mono headsets are not supported by this
Bluetooth hardware
External TOSHIBA USB BT v1.2 Adapter (PA3405U)
External TOSHIBA USB BT v2.0+EDR Adapter (PA3455U-1BTM)
Toshiba SD Bluetooth Card 2 (PA3271U)
(older notebooks may need an SD-Hostcontroller driver update
first, before the card is recognized by the operating system)
Toshiba SD Bluetooth Card 3 (PA3370U)
(older notebooks may need a SD-Hostcontroller driver update first,
before the card is recognized by the operating system)

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    col. Fedmahn Kassad 4 years ago

    Do not even try to install these drivers for BT dongle.. Install XP SPack 3 and reboot - WinXP will install default drivers that work just fine.. (USB-BUS-enumerator is not taken into accoun w/ thi driver pack so - if you change USB connector for this 'toshiba-chipset-dongle' >> you'll get unknown device... ending w/ that famous >> dev. is not working properli.. :p

  • 0
    Hoang 5 years ago
    — adobe affter effect cs5
    Pros: it a good grogram to make nice effect
    Cons: it's difficult to use it

    Who can help me with this program?

  • 0
    Guest 5 years ago
    — password recovery
    Pros: none that i have as yet noticed,still quite new
    Cons: none that i have as yet noticed,still quite new

    I find Elohai small business accounting to be quite interesting. Unfortunately, something went wrong and I cant seem to remember my password. There appears to be no way of recovering my password and/or contacting the developers to get some response. I have sent an email and also no response.
    Does anyone know what to do to help? because I have tried severally to uninstall and reinstall but the package seems to have stored my computer identity and keeps asking for my password. I wouldnt want to discontinue use if possible.

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